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Clinicians Guide to EMDR Therapy Research and Books

This section of the web site is devote to organized lists of peer-reviewed journal articles and professional books on the scientific investigation EMDR therapy. There are full text links to many articles.

These lists are intended to comprehensive, and are updated twice a year. For the most complete listings of studies that may not indexed here, use the listed online database.

Please use the sectional links below or in the menu to find scholarly resources of interest.

  • Internationally recognized as an empirically supported treatment
    EMDR therapy is an approach to psychotherapy that is internationally recognized as empirically supported treatment for acute and chronic posttraumatic stress disorder. EMDR therapy is based on an Adaptive Information Processing model developed by Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.
  • Integrates recognized principles from other therapeutic methods and scientific research
    EMDR therapy integrates recognized principles from other therapeutic methods including imaginal exposure, mindfulness, cognitive and self-control techniques into a structured treatment plan developed to meet the specific needs of each person.

    In the reprocessing phases of EMDR therapy, patients pay attention to a specific memory or situation and focus on alternating, bilateral eye movements for 30 to 40 second periods. For patients who do not tolerate or respond to the bilateral eye movements, alternating tones or touch (such as hand taps) can be used.

    Research on EMDR therapy’s
    means of action and hypotheses regarding effects of bilateral stimulation demonstrate that the sensory stimulation used in EMDR therapy has several distinct neurobiological effects that contribute to EMDR therapy’s treatment effects.
  • Eligibility for training in EMDR therapy
    Only mental health professionals, who are licensed or eligible to be licensed to practice psychotherapy, are accepted for training by EMDR International Association approved training programs such as Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute.
  • For introductory information on EMDR therapy
    Introductory information on EMDR therapy and links to reliable information on EMDR for a general audience are available on the “What is EMDR?” pages of the psychotherapy site for Andrew M. Leeds, Ph.D., Director of Training for Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute. There you will also find links to resources for EMDR trained clinicians.
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