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  • Licensed
    To be accepted for the SPTI basic training in EMDR therapy program you must be licensed for independent practice as a mental health clinician or meet alternate EMDR International Association eligibility criteria
  • Prelicensed
    Graduate students. post-graduate pre-licensed clinicians, and non licensed clinicians must submit additional documentation with their application. See the “Non Licensed Applicant Instructions” on the Registration Forms page.
  • Alternate eligibility
    Clinicians who have completed or who are enrolled in a program in Art Therapy or Drug and Alcohol Counseling must submit detailed information to EMDRIA about their program in order to determine their eligibility. If EMDRIA approves your education and licensure status, please submit approval documentation from EMDRIA with your application.
  • Clinicians working in the US Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies
    Andrew M. Leeds, Ph.D. (Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute) is registered and active in Central Contractor Registration (CCR). We are happy to cooperate with the administrative procedures required to obtain vendor approval and payment of tuition. Check with VA Employee Education Service (EES) for how to enroll.
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