EMDR Research News February 2019

In this first posting of 2019 there are 15 new articles to report related to EMDR therapy. 3 articles have links to the open access full text article.

4 Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Health–economic benefits of treating trauma in psychosis.
  • Clinical efficacy of trauma-focused psychotherapies in treatment-resistant depression in-patients
  • Treating complicated grief and posttraumatic stress in homicidally bereaved individuals
  • Effectiveness of CBT and EMDR in Child Victims of Domestic Violence

4 Review or Meta-analysis articles
  • Comparing the Effectiveness of EMDR and TF-CBT for Children and Adolescents: a Meta-Analysis
  • Retrieving and Modifying Traumatic Memories: Recent Research Relevant to Three Controversies
  • Older Adults as Caregivers for Veterans with PTSD
  • Military psychological trauma and therapy

2 case series reports
  • Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder using EMDR Therapy
  • EMDR as a treatment for tinnitus

2 individual case reports
  • EMDR as a treatment approach of PTSD complicated by comorbid psychiatric, somatic, and cognitive disorders
  • Efficacy of an EMDR intervention for a head and neck cancer patient with intolerable anxiety undergoing radiotherapy
2 qualitative outcome studies
  • Processing birth experiences: A content analysis of women’s preferences
  • EMDR for adults with intellectual disabilities
    1 mechanism of action outcome study
    • Fear extinction learning improvement in PTSD after EMDR therapy: an fMRI study

    With each reference below, you will find the citation, abstract and author contact information (when available). Prior quarterly summaries of journal articles can be found on the
    EMDRIA website and a comprehensive listing of all EMDR-related research is available at the Francine Shapiro Library. EMDRIA members can access recent Journal of EMDR Practice and Research articles in the member’s area on the EMDRIA website. JEMDR issues older than 12 months are available open access on IngentaConnect.