EMDR Research News August 2022

In this third posting of 2022 there are 25 new articles related to EMDR therapy. 12 articles have links to the open access full text article. 13 have links to article abstracts only. While Editorials are seldom listed, there is 1 Editorial with no abstract. There is 1 new randomized controlled studies and 3 new meta-analyses.

With each reference below, you will find the citation, abstract and author contact information (when available). Previous posting to this blog can be viewed by year in the sidebar below right (visible on computer and tablet - landscape). Summary listings by topic are available at
EMDR Research. A comprehensive listing of all EMDR-related research is available at the Francine Shapiro Library. EMDRIA members can access recent Journal of EMDR Practice and Research articles in the member’s area on the EMDRIA website. JEMDR issues older than 12 months are available open access on Connect - Springer Publishing Company.

The books of the month are
The Finding Solid Ground Program Workbook: Overcoming Obstacles in Trauma Recovery together with the companion textbook Finding Solid Ground: Overcoming Obstacles in Trauma Treatment from the research team who carried out the TOP DD longitudinal research on the treatment of those with dissociative disorders.