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How to find an EMDR trained clinician

The minimum standard for professional practice of EMDR therapy in the USA (and to become a full clinical member of the EMDR International Association) is completing an EMDRIA approved basic training in EMDR.

Some abbreviated workshops on EMDR therapy are offered by organizations not approved by EMDRIA. Some clinicians who offer EMDR therapy may have ceased their training after only attending part of an EMDRIA approved training program. Therefore you may want to ask if a prospective clinician has at least
completed an EMDRIA approved training program. EMDR professional associations in most regions of the world have similar standards.

So, on the EMDRIA searchable directory, the first level of recognition is being a licensed mental health professionals who has completed an EMDRIA approved basic training in EMDR therapy. These clinicians are eligible for membership in EMDRIA and, as members, are listed in the online searchable directory.

The second level of professional recognition is
Certification. EMDR therapy trained clinicians can earn the designation of EMDRIA Certification by demonstrating a commitment to continuing education in EMDR therapy and meeting standards of knowledge and skills through practice, study and consultation.

The third and highest level of professional recognition is to become an
Approved Consultant.

You can locate EMDR trained clinicians in the USA (and in some other countries) at these different levels of recognition on the
EMDRIA web site.

To select the level of professional recognition when searching, use the 2nd and 3rd to last options on the
“Find A Therapist” page.
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