Advanced EMDR Training in Los Angeles and Oakland

It is with great pleasure that I announce SonomaPTI will be sponsoring two advanced training workshops in EMDR to be offered in March 2014 led by my Spanish colleagues and co-authors Anabel Gonzalez and Dolores Mosquera.

Both are EMDR Europe Supervisors (Approved Consultants) and EMDR Spain Speciality presenters regularly offering advanced workshops on the application of EMDR to the treatment of Dissociative Disorders and of Borderline Personality Disorder. When I was thinking of inviting them, I could not decide which of their advanced speciality workshops to sponsor. So to make things simple for me, I decided to offer both. Now the tough part is up to you. Which one will you decide to take?

Treating Borderline Personality Disorder with EMDR will be held March 15 and 16, 2014 at the Courtyard by Marriott Los Angeles LAX/Century Boulevard.

Treating Dissociative Disorders with EMDR: The Progressive Approach will be held March 22 and 23, 2014 at the Hampton Inn and Suites Oakland Airport-Alameda.

Some of you may have had the pleasure of seeing Anabel and Dolores present at recent EMDRIA Conferences. These will be their first West Coast workshops. If you have never heard them before, you are in for a treat.

Anabel and Dolores bring conceptual clarity to sophisticated theoretical material. They integrate and synthesize several conceptual frameworks into an expanded interpretation of the AIP. Working with some of the most challenging cases, they bring to their teaching both a profound sense of respect for this work and a wonderful sense of humor. Their evolutionary framework of
the progressive approach allows for the use of advanced EMDR procedures much earlier in the treatment process than you might have thought possible. Most of all, you will find that their many videos (with English subtitles) bring their interventions within the practical reach of EMDR therapists of all levels of experience.

Anabel_Gonzalez Dolores_Mosquera
              Anabel Gonzalez                                                           Dolores Mosquera

Even if you do not specialize in working with these clients, I believe these workshops will transform your understanding of how you can use EMDR and give you the confidence and concepts you need for your most challenging cases.

And to make it just a little more interesting, I am offering free copies of their 2012 book
EMDR and Dissociation: The Progressive Approach to the first 15 people who register for either of these workshops.