EMDR Research News April 2017

This month there are 13 new articles to report related to EMDR therapy. Three have links to open access full text articles.

2 Randomized Clinical Trials
  • Full text: Morphovolumetric changes after EMDR treatment in drug-naïve PTSD patients
  • Efficacy of EMDR on phantom limb pain of patients with amputations with 24-month follow-up

5 Meta-analysis or reviews
  • Full text: Psychosocial interventions for children and adolescents after man-made and natural disasters
  • Reviewing outcomes of psychological interventions with torture survivors
  • Early child disaster mental health interventions
  • Psychological interventions for PTSD in people with severe mental illness
  • Psychological interventions for post-traumatic stress symptoms in psychosis

1 APA Practice Guideline (pre-publication)
  • Full text: Clinical practice guideline for the treatment of PTSD in adults (Adopted as APA Policy February 24, 2017)

2 Case reports
  • Performance blocks in sport: Recommendations for treatment and implications for sport psychology practitioners
  • EMDR therapy for PTSD in a child and an adolescent with mild to borderline intellectual disability

3 Laboratory studies
  • Eye movement during retrieval of emotional autobiographical memories
  • Eye movement during recall reduces objective memory performance: An extended replication
  • Attenuating physiological arousal through the manipulation of simple hand movements
With each reference below, you will find the citation, abstract and author contact information (when available). Prior quarterly summaries of journal articles can be found on the EMDRIA website and a comprehensive listing of all EMDR-related research is available at the Francine Shapiro Library. EMDRIA members can access recent Journal of EMDR Practice and Research articles in the member’s area on the EMDRIA website. JEMDR issues older than 12 months are available open access on IngentaConnect.