EMDR Research News January 2020

In this first posting of 2020 there are 43 new articles to report related to EMDR therapy. 13 articles have links to the open access full text article.

2 Randomized Controlled Trials
  • The EMDR Recent Birth Trauma Protocol
  • Addiction-Focused EMDR Therapy as an Adjunct to Regular Outpatient Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder
4 Meta-analyses
  • Active duty and ex-serving military personnel with PTSD treated with psychological therapies
  • Do early interventions prevent PTSD? A systematic review and meta-analysis of the safety and efficacy of early interventions after sexual assault
  • Early psychological intervention following recent trauma
  • Medication versus trauma-focused psychotherapy for adults with PTSD
    13 Review articles
    • Psychological Interventions for Individuals Bereaved by Homicide
    • The Status of EMDR Therapy in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 30 Years After Its Introduction
    • The Current Status of EMDR Therapy Involving the Treatment of Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
    • Psychosis: An Emerging Field for EMDR Research and Therapy
    • Differences in International Guidelines Regarding EMDR for PTSD: Why They Diverge and Suggestions for Future Research
    • Efficacy of EMDR Therapy for Anxiety Disorders
    • Interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms induced by medical events
    • Psychological, social, and welfare interventions for torture survivors
    • Cost-effectiveness of psychological interventions for children and young people with PTSD
    • Treatment of Psychosomatic Disorders - Psychotherapy with EMDR
    • The Efficacy of EMDR Early Interventions
    • Review of EMDR Interventions for Individuals With Substance Use Disorder With/Without Comorbid PTSD
    • EMDR Therapy’s Efficacy in the Treatment of Pain
    5 Case Series
    • EMDR intervention after a disaster: The Morandi Bridge collapse
    • EMDR therapy in children and adolescents who have post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Short-Term Music Therapy Attention and Arousal Regulation Treatment (SMAART) for Prisoners with PTSD
    • Effectiveness of trauma-focused treatment for adolescents with major depressive disorder
    • A Field Study on the EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol for Ongoing Traumatic Stress Provided to Adolescent Eritrean Refugees Living in Ethiopia

    2 Quasi-experimental
    • Analysis and comparison of speech of chronic pain patients during therapy as usual versus use of EMDR therapy
    • Psychological distress and quality of life are improved in autoimmune patients through Tandem-Psychotherapy

    1 Study Protocol
    • EMDR therapy for PTSD in adults with serious mental illness within forensic and rehabilitation services

    4 Individual Case Reports
    • PTSD among the elderly: From stressful abdominal pain to mentalized suffering
    • Case report: EMDR in the treatment of a deaf PTSD Patient — Advantages of a not entirely verbal psychotherapeutic intervention
    • EMDR Treatment in Social Anxiety Disorder
    • Two cases with avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder

    2 Analogue laboratory studies
    • Changing emotional visual and auditory memories: are modality-matched dual-tasks more effective
    • Lateral eye movements do not increase false-memory rates: A failed direct-replication study

    1 Theoretical
    • The Predictive Processing Model of EMDR
    3 Neurophysiological
    • The management of psychological trauma through EMDR therapy and the cerebral mechanisms involved
    • Successful treatment of PTSD reverses DNA methylation marks
    • Individual prediction of psychotherapy outcome in posttraumatic stress disorder using neuroimaging data

    1 Instrument Validation
    • Initial validation of an instrument to evaluate early trauma: The EARLY Scale

    4 Commentaries
    • EMDR practitioners’ beliefs about memory
    • Trauma or adversity
    • Future Research: Global Implications
    • Techniques from EMDR Psychotherapy: a tool against disruptive psycho-behavioural disorders?

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