Spring 2011 basic Training in EMDR in Alameda

Plans for the spring 2011 basic training in EMDR to be held in Alameda are set. We are currently accepting registrations. Yes, what you have heard is true. We offer the most competitive pricing for basic training in EMDR in California. We offer special rates for pre-licensed interns, graduate students and clinicians working in agencies and the lowest rates available to licensed clinicians. We invite you to compare our training fees, our training schedule, our curriculum and our training materials with all other EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) approved basic trainings in EMDR. We believe you will chose SonomaPTI.

As announced in September 2010, starting this spring, we will be meeting on the tree lined lagoon at the beautiful Harbor Bay Isle Community Center. (See the picture below.) We are excited to be moving our training site to this convenient and beautiful East Bay location just 3 miles from Oakland International Airport.

In response to requests from clinicians working in agencies and clinics throughout California we will be meeting on a
Saturday and Sunday schedule over four weekends starting on February 5 and 6, 2011.

Yes, amazing, but true, after just twelve weeks, at the end of the fourth weekend on May 1, 2011, participants will receive a certificate of completion of basic training in EMDR (and earn 47.5 hours of CE). This is possible because all of the 10 hours of consultation required by EMDRIA are provided during these four weekends.

And with the
all-inclusive training fee, there is no separate cost for consultation and no separate trips or conflicting schedules for consultation sessions. In fact, SonomaPTI exceeds all of the EMDRIA requirements with additional hours of lecture, practice and consultation to provide the most comprehensive available basic training in EMDR. We invite you to review the SonomaPTI curriculum and visual schedule on our web site.

We have also been receiving high marks for our comprehensive training manual. It includes over 260 pages of detailed lecture notes, procedural scrips and forms for documenting assessment of stability and readiness for reprocessing, treatment planning and application of EMDR procedures. Clinical interns and experienced clinicians alike report the supervised practice and homework exercises help them learn to integrate EMDR concepts and procedures step-by-step in a graduated series of learning experiences.

Starting with the second weekend, each day of training begins with 90 minutes of case consultation. During these morning consultation sessions, participants share what they have practiced and refine their understanding of EMDR principles and procedures under the guidance of our
training supervisors.

We hope you will decide to join us for this highly rewarding professional development experience.

The Community Center at Harbor Bay Isle offers a spacious and comfortable training facility on the tranquil edge of an inland lagoon and urban forrest. With full kitchen facilities, SonomaPTI will offer a healthy light breakfast and afternoon snacks. Participants with special food needs can bring their own food or walk to the adjacent selection of restaurants or supermarket deli for lunch.

Details on dates and links to driving directions can be found on the
training schedule page. Special introductory fees will remain in effect for the spring 2011 basic training in EMDR.

In addition, SonomaPTI is offering licensed clinicians already trained in EMDR the opportunity to review our complete basic training in EMDR at the discounted graduate student rate and earn 10 hours of consultation toward EMDRIA Certification. Find out more on the
training fees page or by using the contact us page for details.